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Wine Chips was featured this year at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. We were fortunate to partner with Ray Isle and to play a key role in his exclusive tasting seminar. Ray is the Executive Wine Editor for Food & Wine Magazine, and he wanted to use Wine Chips to help him isolate specific flavors that pair well with wine to help people understand and more vividly experience the interaction of food and wine on their palates.

We worked closely with Ray and one of our Master Sommelier's Jonathan Pullis to both identify existing Wine Chips flavors that would work well with his seminar and also to create new flavors that would hone in on specific seasonings to help focus the wine pairing experience.

In The Aspen Tasting Kit, we’ve brought you the same flavors that we prepared for the Aspen Food & Wine Classic attendees, and we’ve produced a comprehensive 8x10 pairing card that shows what kinds of wines pair best with each flavor.

The particular flavors included in The Aspen Tasting Kit include:
  • Sel Gris 
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Chef’s Select Baked Potato
  • Ray’s Texas BBQ
  • Spicy Calabrese
  • Blue Cheese