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When the pace of life starts to interfere with the taste of life, that’s when it’s time to get away. And because none of us have done enough of that this past year, Wine Chips is taking you on a one-of-a-kind flavor journey around the world. This sampler has all of the core cheeses PLUS 5 of our most exotic tasting Private Reserve flavors.

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt

Sailing the blue waters off the coast of Hawaii’s island of Moloka’i is a great way to see the island’s beautiful red volcanic hills. As that red soil meets the blue ocean it imparts its color and minerals to create the famous Hawaiian red sea salt. The red alaea clay from the ancient mountains combine with the sea to give the local salt a complex, almost sweet taste all its own. 

Pairing: Pairs with a chilled Chardonnay or any fruity, crisp white wine!

Thai Lemongrass

Just a few hours’ drive north of Bangkok, Thailand, the lemongrass farms are fragrant and fresh. Although it grows in many other parts of southeast Asia, lemongrass has become one of the iconic herbs of Thai cooking. And while nobody believed us when we told them we would make it one of our first Private Reserve flavors, they were quite convinced when we delivered a Wine Chip as unique as it is crunchy & delicious!

Pairing: Pair it with a Gewurztraminer, Torrontes or any aromatic white wine.

Sweet Coconut Curry

In the storied regions of Northeastern India, bordering the Himalayas of Nepal and overlooking the Indian Ocean’s beautiful Bay of Bengal, the cuisine is as varied as it is delicious.  Coconut, although more commonly found in Thai and Indonesian cuisines, has found its way into a few select dishes from these regions, and our favorite is a sweet coconut curry with influences stretching across southeastern Asia. 

Pairing: Pair it with a Albariño, Viognier or virtually any aromatic white wine.

Spicy Calabrese

At the center of the Wine Chips vision is the cheese board.  But alongside that iconic wine pairing we have always sought out the ideal complementary charcuterie flavors that would take the vision to the next level. This delicious Wine Chip offers those special flavor notes that you would expect to discover on a delicious charcuterie board: a tanginess, saltiness, meatiness, and spiciness that will conjure up the sensation of pairing your wine with gourmet charcuterie while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe.

Pairing: The Zinfandel grape is closely related to Primitivo, which is primarily grown in Southern Italy. These cousins are loaded with jammy fruit and peppery spice. More broadly, the traditional flavors of spicy Italian charcuterie are amplified by rich reds.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota

This delicacy came to us from the southwestern region of the Iberian peninsula with the sweet, rich, and slightly nutty notes that make it the most renowned, most mouthwatering ham in the world.  When our master seasoner set out to capture the acorn- and chestnut-fed magic in this latest Wine Chip, we had no idea how he would do it. But just as the farmers of Spain and Portugal cure their Jamon Iberico slowly, often over the course of one to four years, we gave him the time to get it right.  And as we’ve come to expect, he produced magnificent results!

Pairing: Pair it with a glass of Spanish sherry - we recommend a manzanilla if you have one - or with an older, mature red wine, such as a light pinot noir.   

Black Lava Jalapeno

The Black Sea Salt in this perky flavor is an all-natural product of the Pacific, featuring sun-dried Hawaiian ocean salts blended with an activated charcoal powder derived from tropical coconut shells. In addition to being a delicious seasoning for a variety of foods, this salt is commonly thought to draw out toxins and impurities from the body, and is used in a variety of scrubs, soaks, and other indulgent spa treatments. The jalapenos we use are grown in the Yucatan Peninsula of Eastern Mexico and are dried at the peak of freshness. What we’ve found is that the combination of these seasonings makes this special Wine Chips flavor come alive on your tongue with a heat level that is manageable but will get your attention! 

Pairing: Pair it with a port, a sangria, or even an ice-cold margarita. 

Serrano Cheddar

Serrano peppers are notably hotter than Jalapeno peppers and have long been used as a core ingredient in Mexican and southwestern United States cuisines. Paired with the deliciously sharp cheddar cheese that we source from Racine, Wisconsin, Serrano peppers create a spiciness and even a smokiness that make for an unforgettably powerful and cheesy taste experience. 

Pairing: Enjoy it with a light, fruity Riesling. 

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda’s smoky, sweet saltiness are a perfect match for the wine lover in all of us. 

Pairing: Our custom Smoked Gouda flavored chip pairs well with a Cabernet Sauvignon and nearly all red wines or get a little risky with a good Pinot Grigio or a festive sparkling wine like an exotic Metodo, Cava, Sekt, Espumante or even a great Rose.


Pink, sexy and delicious! Our Manchego Wine Chips taste of rich, sheeps milk cheese with hints of wild strawberries, watermelon with citrus and floral notes. 

Pairing: Pairs perfectly with a Rose, Bubbly, Champagne and nearly any white wine or a delicious full-bodied red wine such as a Tempranillo.


Asiago is a proud new member of the Cheese Collection club, graduating from Private Reserve to Flagship Cheese this month! When we say they are delicious, we are markedly understating their excellence! 

Pairing: Try them with a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, or pair them with your favorite fruity red wine such as Zinfandel or Sangiovese.

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